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L’Arena: “Cetin, «All’Hellas grazie al mister»”

Today’s version of “L’Arena” dedicates space to Mert Cetin, the first new arrival in the gialloblù house in the season just starting with the pre-season training camp. The Turkish defender arrives on loan from Roma, with the right of redemption in favour of the Scaliger club and the possibility of counter-redeeming the Giallorossi club. There are his first remarks published by the newspaper on his arrival at the Santa Cristina di Val Gardena training camp: “Verona is a smaller Rome, the city is stunning, rich with heritage and culture. I want it to be a good year. Verona ‘s game and Juric ‘s skills have encouraged me. Hellas is a perfect chance for me. I can play both in the middle and on the right, it’s not important.”

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